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No Iron Man 3 For Scar-Jo

April 29, 2012

Contrary to earlier casting reports actress Scarlett Johansson tells Screen Rant that she will not be joining writer/director Shane Black‘s “Iron Man 3” as Black Widow.

The character first showed up in Iron Man 2  and has a role in next week’s superhero team up film The Avengers

The story for IM 3 is based on the popular six-issue mini series “Extremis” by Warren Ellis–And the film’s events take place after The Avengers. The plot involves the spread of a virus through nanobots.

 Robert Downey Jr Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle Guy Pearce Ben Kingsley Andy Lau and Jessica Chastain star.

Production will take place on location in Hong Kong, Shanghai and other parts of China later this summer once filming wraps up in North Carolina which starts in a few weeks.

I think it makes perfect sense that metal head goes solo again–Although I have to admit I will miss not seeing Widow’s skills and particular assets on screen anytime soon after Avengers

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