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"Admission" VS. "Admissions"

April 27, 2012

2 films with similar titles are making casting news…

Michael Sheen will reunite with Tina Fey in the comedy “Admission” says The Hollywood Reporter.

Fey is tipped to play an Ivy League admissions officer whose relationship with a 17-year-old recruitment prospect threatens to ruin her career and personal life. Fey also meets a man she went to school with (Paul Rudd) but never really knew. It turns out he’s been harboring thoughts about her, and possibly a secret as well.

Much like his story arc on Fey’s TV show 30 Rock Sheen will play the uptight British boyfriend to Fey’s character

Owen Wilson would play a teacher at an alternative high school who falls for Fey.

Karen Croner (“One True Thing) wrote the script

Paul Weitz will call action and produce.

Filming begins next month in New York.

Meantime, Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia will star in the  indie rom-com “Admissions” according to Deadline.

This film deals with two people who strike up a spontaneous romance when they meet while taking their children to tour the same college.

The pic will be directed by Adam Rodgers from a script he wrote with Glenn German.

Joe Drago, Sig Libowitz, Garcia and German will produce the film.

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