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Team Spontaneous Are Road Warriors

April 13, 2012

Late last night while doing some prep work for today’s posts on TLR, I got some really AWESOME NEWS about Team Spontaneous (Jason Christopher and Deven Lobascio) and their multi-award winning horror film Down the Road (Click here and here to watch the trailers)

The duo recently signed a multi year contract with Imagination Worldwide for full representation of Down the Road!!!

Anyone who has completed (heck even attempted) this process will tell you that it can be a tough slog…Throughout this period I would get updates now and then BUT never lost hope that this day would come for them! Well now it has and I could not be more excited and proud of them! They certainly have come a long way in very short space of time—nonetheless it was still very hard fought.

Big D


I want to also take another opportunity to THANK them for letting me chronicle their efforts. It’s truly been my honor–even in a very small way…Again very proud…Congrats to your families as well–To them I say Your support of the guys helped make this happen…Trust Me And Never Forget That Folks

Read my review of DTR! You should also read my interview with Jay And be sure to follow Down The Road on Twitter and on Facebook


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