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Biel Plays Psycho’s Other Woman

March 21, 2012

Jessica Biel is set to play actress Vera Miles in the film Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of ‘Psycho’ according to Deadline.

It will explore how the 1960 classic was actually quite a departure for Hitch in that it was a more explicitly shocking film which was meant to compete with other low-budget horror pictures of the day. The script weaves in the relationship between Hitchcock and his wife.

Miles character Lila Crane becomes the female lead for the second half of “Psycho“.

Anthony Hopkins will play Alfred Hitchcock. Helen Mirren will play his wife Alma Reville, a talented editor in her own right who was particularly good at error correction including dialogue revision, plot inconsistencies and continuity problems such as Janet Leigh swallowing while playing dead for the infamous “Psycho” shower scene. Scarlett Johansson and James D’Arcy are set to play Leigh and Anthony Perkins.

Sacha Gervasi directs the film that is based on Stephen Rebello‘s 1990 book which Black Swan co-writer John McLaughlin and Tom Thayer have adapted with author Rebello.

Ivan Reitman, Joe Medjuck and Tom Pollack will produce.

At one time Ryan Murphy was due to direct the pic.

Shooting kicks off in April.

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