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Margulies Is Giving Meds To Stand Up Guys

March 4, 2012

Julianne Margulies–whose career took off on the long-running medical drama ER, is back dispensing medicine in the action comedy Stand Up Guys, says Deadline.

The story follows two aging hit men, one of whom has been given the job of eliminating his best friend. The pair decide to spend a final night on the town picking up hookers and jacking cars before pondering the choices they’ve made in life and making a decision about what to do.

Al Pacino, Alan Arkin, and Christopher Walken star in the film.

Margulies will play Arkin’s daughter Lila who works as a nurse in the hospital and takes care of Pacino when he Od’s on Viagra®

Noah Haidle wrote the script while “The Cove” producer Fisher Stevens is set to call action

Production will take place in Los Angeles this April when Margulies is on hiatus from her current TV gig The Good Wife

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