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Chandler Joins bin Laden Hunt

February 17, 2012

Super 8” dad Kyle Chandler is set to join Kathryn Bigelow‘s topical and as yet Untiled Bin Landen war drama says Deadline.

Writer Mark Boal extensively researched the film which centers on an elite Black Ops team’s attempt to assassinate Osama bin Laden almost a decade ago, an effort that came very close to succeeding.

His death last year meant a few rewrites

Chandler will likely be playing a Federal agent.

Chandler co-stars with already confirmed cast members Joel Edgerton Jessica Chastain, Mark Strong Edgar Ramirez Tom Hardy, Jason Clarke Idris Elba, Chris Pratt and Guy Pearce.

Boal, Bigelow and Megan Ellison are producing the film.

The pic has December 19th release date.

This film is not to be confused with  John Stockwell‘s true bin Laden actioner Code Name Geronimo that’s already filming.

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