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Trank Not On FF Reboot (Yet?)

February 5, 2012

Chronicle” director Josh Trank was asked by MTV about the rumors that he is 1st in line to direct a reboot of the Fantastic Four film series for Fox

Trank says “I really have nothing to say about the ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot because I know as much about this as everyone else. I’m just working on my own original stuff right now

I’ve got some ideas and I just want to keep doing some interesting, cool things. Whether they’re huge in scope or small in scale, I’m definitely interested in making movies that are dramas at their core but with an element of fantasy and science fiction.”

At last report Michael Green (“Green Lantern“) is penning the newest script draft about the four individuals who gained superpowers after exposure to cosmic rays during a scientific mission to outer space.

Trank’s denial could mean that he is not making any official move on FF since it’s been said that the suits are waiting to see the box-office revenue of “Chronicle” this weekend before making an official offer to Trank

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