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Davis Is "Game" For "Creatures"

February 3, 2012

Oscar-nominated “The Help” actress Viola Davis has scored supporting roles in Gavin Hood‘s sci-fi epic “Ender’s Game” and “Beautiful Creatures” according to Variety.

Based upon author Orson Scott Card‘s book the tale follows Andrew ‘Ender’ Wiggin, (Hugo Cabret star Asa Butterfield) a bullied young boy who turns out to be a master military strategist.

Davis will play a military psychologist who oversees the emotional welfare of young trainees. She also helps design the games that test their skills and resilience.

Abigail Breslin will play the older sister of Wiggin “True Grit” actress Hailee Steinfeld is set to play the lone female in the child army who develops a relationship with Wiggin. Ben Kingsley is gonna play a legendary war hero presumed to be long dead. Harrison Ford will play the Colonel Hyrum Graff, the commander of training at elite boys’ military academy. 17 year old Canadian actor Brendan Meyer will play Stilson, Ender’s classmate who taunted him during ground school.

Hood wrote the adapted script and will helm.

Roberto Orci Alex Kurtzman Lynn Hendee Gigi Pritzker and Linda McDonough are producing the pic

Production set to start in February with a 2013 release date.

Meantime Creatures is based on the first in a trilogy of novels by authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, ‘Creatures’ follows two teens who must confront a curse that has haunted the girl’s family for generations.

Davis plays a librarian and friend of the teen boy’s deceased mother who loves him like a son and will do whatever she can to protect him.

Richard LaGravenese (P.S. I Love You and Freedom Writers) wrote the script and directs. 

Erwin Stoff will produce the pic

Production kicks off in April in New Orleans.

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