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Hardy Talks Cicero Trilogy

January 7, 2012

Tom Hardy has confirmed to The Daily Mail (via BleedingCool) that he’s set to play mobster Al Capone in David Yates‘ “Cicero” and has already begun prepping for the role.

I’ve been working with Warners, watching their gangster films – the ones with James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart and Edward G Robinson. It’s interesting to get them, and a bit of Capone into the bloodstream. You look at pugnacious James Cagney in The Public Enemy and see how this guy rises up to become a kingpin in Chicago” .

Hardy, who is set to start filming the reboot “Mad Max: Fury Road ” in Namibia opposite Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult, for helmer George Miller later this year, adds that “The idea isn’t to remake those films but to get a flavour of them as we explore Capone’s career as a racketeer.”

Hardy concludes “The idea at the moment is of doing a trilogy of films, but nothing is set. Everyone is just talking and exploring“.

The trilogy would cover Capone’s rise to power over the course of three films, from his childhood in the slums of Brooklyn to becoming the top gangster in Prohibition-era Chicago. The script is still in development with production set to start sometime in 2013.


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