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Primal Rage

December 29, 2011

Indie filmmaker Chris Witherspoon reached out to me a few days ago about his horror thriller Rage…and boy I am sure glad he did…I was so impressed with some of the promotional stuff I saw that I told him that would like to interview him soon after we ring in 2012. He will also be sending me a screener of the film so that I can review the film on TLR! Very cool!!

Inspired by Steven Spielberg’s classic TV movie Duel and films such as John Carpenter’s Halloween, the film tells the story of Dennis Twist (Rick Crawford) who encounters a mysterious motorcyclist and sets in motion a day-long battle that grows more and more sinister by the moment.

The film has earned high praise on the independent film festival circuit. It’s also has garnered high marks from the likes of FANGORIA®–who described the film as “really, really good… a tight, taut indie thriller with enough action, suspense and intrigue to fill three movies.”–, and others

Until my interview and review are posted–Check out the film’s effective teaser trailer below.

Be sure to check out the film’s official website and Twitter feed for updates.


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