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Where You Can Find Hints About The Trek Sequel

December 28, 2011

As we inch closer to the mid-January start for filming on the as yet Untitled Star Trek Sequel and ultimately its May 17th 2013 release–The long wait has been made a bit easier since the debut of IDW‘s new ongoing series of comic books about the Enterprise crew set after the events of the 2009 reboot

Co-screenwriter Roberto Orci has been giving notes to the comics writers with a few details about the upcoming sequel, which are then used to lay some of the ground work for the next film.

It’s fantastic to have Bob’s input, because he can steer us clear of story elements that might conflict with what’s coming up in the next movie, and we can lay in subtle clues to what’s coming up so that once you see the new movie you can go back and see how it evolved in the comics….Bob and I have discussed the major beats of the next movie, which is a great help in laying clues in the comic. We have very few secrets, that I know of anyway” said comics scribe Mike Johnson in an interview with Star when issue #1 hit in September.

Then, “as we get closer to the next movie, the stories will begin to foreshadow the events of the movie, such as possibly introducing new characters we will see onscreen.”

The first few issues were adaptations of episodes from the original 60’s TV series with the crew facing the same threats, but with differences reflecting the alternate timeline established in the first movie.

The first issue dealt with the original pilot “Where No Man Has Gone Before“, while “The Galileo Seven” was also adapted. Original stories are part of the mix too.

Similar tactics were used in the 80’s as the classic cast were making their films.

At the dawn of issue #4 hitting shelves Johnson also told TrekMovie

One of the great things about working with Bob [Orci]  is that we are able to use the ongoing series to very subtly lay in clues to the next movie. There might even be a tiny hint of a subplot in the first issue.

A prequel comic ala Star Trek: Countdown, Star Trek: Nero and Star Trek: Spock – Reflections is planned for Trek 2 as is an adaption of the film.

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