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Down The Road: Big Win & A Question

December 15, 2011

On November 19th 20ll during ShockFest in Los Angeles Team Spontaneous (Jason Christopher and Deven Lobascio) screened their newest horror film Down the Road (Click here and here to watch the trailers)-for both attendees and in competition judges wouldn’t you know it…The film won BEST FEATURE!

While I have offered my congrats to D and J privately–I waited until now to post about their achievement to coincide with another Special Event…More on that later….

Shortly after I posted my review of DTR a reader wanted to know how I can remain objective about the Spontaneous duo since I have made no secret of the fact that I am related to one of them–Here’s what I answered back with–When I had my first chat with Deven some 18 months ago I made it clear to him that the only way I could promote any of their films was to have the freedom to be honest about the product and he agreed. Add to that my BA In CA W/ a concentration in film and TV production–The experience I had making my own low budget indie 12 years ago–and the fact that I have more than a few years on them both–I think equals objectivity. Besides anything less from me does them a dis-service does it not?

I bring this up only because after that exchange someone else questioned the same thing to me last week and—Hopefully this puts it to bed once and for all…moving on…

You should also read my interview with Jay And be sure to follow Down The Road on Twitter and on Facebook

I talked with Deven earlier this month about what is next on the horizon and without giving away anything -It all sounds pretty exciting….

I am so proud of all that they have been able to accomplish in a very short space of time and jazzed about where they go from here…

Now I would like to publicly wish Jay a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY (One Day Early)!!!!

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