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Cruise Wants To Do Top Gun 2

December 11, 2011

Tom Cruise tells MTV News that he would re-team with director Tony Scott for the long discussed Top Gun 2

I said to Tony, I want to make another movie with him. He and I haven’t made a film since Days Of Thunder. Tony and I and Jerry, we never thought that we would do it again. Then they started to come to us with these ideas and I thought, wow, that would be what we could do now.

Cruise says it all depends on them finding “a story that we all want to do. I hope we can figure this out to do it again… We all want to make a film that is in the same kind of tone as the other one and shoot it in the same way as we shot Top Gun” he says.

At last report “X-Men: First Class” scribes Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz were in talks to write a script-following noise that “The Usual Suspects” scribe Christopher McQuarrie was previously attched to the film. One rumored way to go says Cruise would return as an instructor for a new class of recruits, of that he says “I don’t know – we’re working on it.

Bruckheimer and David Ellison are set to produce.

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