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Steven Hopes Bay Will Return For The 4th Transformers Film

December 5, 2011

Although Michael Bay has stated that he is all  but done with the film series, exec producer Steven Spielberg tells EW (via /Film that he hopes that he will return for the Untitled Transformers Sequel

I hope so, because I think he made the best of the three with this last one [Transformers: Dark of the Moon]. I certainly can’t imagine anybody other than Michael being equipped to make another ‘Transformers.’ He’s invented a genre and he’s got the secret formula” said Spielberg.

Bay previously said that he’d consider it but wants to make his small budget film Pain and Gain first: “I’m going to do a tiny movie first, then we’ll talk about it, if I potentially do it.

Spielberg was then asked about the status of Indiana Jones 5….

It’s up to George. We have already agreed on the genre of the fifth movie, we already have a concept in mind. I don’t know where George is with the story. There is no Indy 5 until George says there is.

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