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October 27, 2005

>As Halloween fast approaches for yet another year, it’s the perfect time for The Last Reel’s first (short) BEST OF LIST, a list of films that focus on my favorites of a particular genre of movie (don’t worry, there will be plenty WORST OF LISTs too in the days and weeks ahead). Watching these films is a great way to spend All Hallows Eve.

Halloween-Simple story, Great scares, Gave actress Jamie Lee Curtis her career, Put director John Carpenter on the map as well. Look for a great performance by the late great Donald Pleasence (1919-1995). Shot on a shoe string budget in a very short time–yet managed to become a classic.

Alien and its sequel Aliens-Director Ridley Scott got the ball rolling with a stark, sci-fi/horror mix that lulls you into a false sense of security…and then- Wham!-hits you right in the gut and doesn’t let up till the end. Sigourney Weaver makes one heck of a heroine. Then director James Cameron took what came before and multiplied things by a factor of ten for the sequel. After watching it for the first time in theaters, all I could say was “I need a drink”.

John Carpenter’s The Thing-a remake of The Thing From Another World from 1951. This time Carpenter is given a bit more cah-ching to scare us…What matters here though is how uneasy the humans of the story will make you feel, as opposed to the monster itself. A horror film for the guys more than the gals.

Storm Of The Century-I know it’s really a TV miniseries, but it plays like a feature film, complete with a baddie that will chill you to the bone. The best Stephen King film, not based on one of his books, but rather an original work.

The Exorcist– Still turns my head after all these years. Based on author William Peter Blatty’s book of the same name and directed by William Friedken. Demonic possession has never been so much fun

There you have it. My top picks to scare you this Halloween. Agree? Disagree? I’ll have more to say about the horror genre soon.


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