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>Why Here ? Why Now?

October 25, 2005


The idea for The Last Reel came about after I had been writing movie product reviews for a major online retailer as a customer for years. Using a pen name, I had amassed quite a large number of them, along with some positive feedback. After my friend Joe had read a few, he suggested that I morph those posts into a blog about movies. At first, I resisted the idea of “going public” with my musings, because I don’t consider myself a “writer” by any means. And writing a blog is different from posting product reviews. There’s something to be said for being anonymous.

After mulling it over I nixed the idea…and then something happened between myself and the retailer–they told me that I broke one of their “rules” for posting. After discovering that I had inadvertently done just that, I rectified the issue as they requested, yet they still deleted my work anyway. And while I harbor no ill will at the retailer, (I still use their site) that was enough to lead me here, to the blogosphere.

Of course, I plan to post on the blog as often as I can–heck, my goal is daily–But I ask for some patience until I get into some sort of groove.


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